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Saddle Blanket Seat Cover

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Saddle Blanket

Riding their horses in unforgiving environments, Cowboys know about the importance of comfort and durability. The saddle blanket ensures that both the cowboy and the horse are comfortable and protected against constant heavy duty use. Seatskins kept this in mind when designing our Saddle Blanket car seat covers. We think of your car the way a cowboy thinks of his horse, and your car seat as its saddle. Made with rugged woven saddle blanket material, Saddle Blanket car seat covers are incredibly tough while staying comfortable, perfect for modern day cowboys and cowgirls. Saddle up!
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  • Saddle Blanket Seat Cover

    Saddle Blanket Seat Cover
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Saddle Blanket Seat Cover Overview

Finished Edges and Reinforced Seams
Every one of our premium custom Saddle Blanket seat covers is manufactured to be incredibly durable and long lasting. Each seat cover is meticulously tailored with finished edges and reinforced seams that are double stitched with color-matched thread. Seatskins uses only the highest quality fabrics ensuring that your Saddle Blanket seat covers resist both sun-fade and mildew

Precisely Machine Cut
Over the years, our factory has researched the exact seat specifications of most cars on the market. We have programmed this information into a state of the art CAD Computerized Cutting Machine, ensuring that all measurements are precisely cut to a hundredth of an inch! Safety provisions for vehicles with seat mounted airbags are also made. Each Saddle Blanket seat cover is then carefully assembled to ensure a perfect fit.

Easy to Clean
Seatskins Saddle Blanket seat covers are really easy to clean! Hand wash them with cold water and a mild detergent and let them drip dry. Do not use bleach-based products.

Seatskins Saddle Blanket Seat Covers are:

  • Made in the U.S.A.

  • Covered with saddle blanket fabric on the front and back panels

  • Made with breathable heavy duty and incredibly durable polyester fabric

  • Custom made for your vehicle , ensuring snug and precise fit

  • Double stitched with reinforced seams

  • Made with easily washable materials

  • UV treated and resistant to sun-fade and mildew

  • Easy to install